Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tis the Season for Volunteers!

Everyone can relate to hearing a song and then singing it for days. Right?? My tune this week really isn't a song, although God has definitely been whispering the words in my ear. It's what we talked about at Life Group just last Sunday - "faith without works". I have to ask myself if I knew God planned to call me home tomorrow would I be proud or embarrassed? I think you can all safely assume the answer. So I asked myself what is holding me back? I thought of a couple good excuses and then measured them against the picture of me standing before God. As I imagined God shaking his head and sighing as I made my way into heaven (tail between legs), I realized it's time to get off my butt!
I sat down with my laptop and started what I thought would be an hour+ long search. To my surprise, within 10 minutes there were more opportunities than my fingers and toes could keep up with! I thought WOW, how naive am I to not realize there are so many opportunities to volunteer in Knoxville?? Using John's quadratic equation I realized we have enough adults and children to put forth a pretty strong volunteer effort! Our mission, should you chose to accept it is pretty clear. Who's with me?

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John Barber said...

Sign me up! Which thing do we want to do?