Saturday, September 15, 2007

An Experiment in Community

CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien had the Inklings. In college, I had the Wolverines on Speed (don't ask). Put Dylan, Petty, Lynne, Harrison, & Orbison together and you get the Traveling Wilburys. Hanks and Spielberg made Band of Brothers. Collaboration is awesome.

That's what I had in mind for this page. A place where we can collaborate. The things we discuss on Sunday night that pop back up in our minds during the week. The prayer requests and praises that happen every day. The Fantasy Football trash-talking that we never get tired of (I'm coming after you this week, Big Easy!).

This is not a place just for thoughtful prose that you spend hours crafting (although I'd love to see some of that). It's a place to put your review of that movie you saw last night, or the CD you just bought (the new Caedmon's Call is fantastic, by the way). It's a place where we can keep up with each other. You don't have to have a fancy knowledge of HTML. Just type and submit. If you have trouble, let one of us know.

A few rules:

1) Don't post anything that you don't want everyone to see.
2) Don't be vulgar, crude, or disrespectful (unless there's Fantasy football involved, of course)
3) Don't criticize someone else's opinion carelessly.
4) Be loving.
5) Be ridiculous.

That's about it. Go ye therefore and blog!!


1 comment:

Erik said...

Tom Petty- It's not even close.

Good job with the Blog guys. It looks great.

Barber- you better come a little stronger the next time our teams matchup. One total TD for my team and I still won easily.
One down Ty to go.