Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Movie Night

Hi Friends! I've got a couple of things everyone needs to know about. Guess we'll see how often y'all check the site and if this is going to work for our group.

1. We will not be having regular mtg. this week, but the Hocketts have invited us to attend Emory's baptism and celebration at their house following. There is also Sacred Assembly at Providence later that night. Anyone know what time?

2. We forgot to tell y'all about this the other night. Providence is planning a family movie night for all the YMLGs. Think drive-in movie style, in someone's back yard, with a sheet hung between two trees. It'll be on a Friday night, Oct. 5th. We'll be meeting at Brooke and Justin's (don't have a last name at this point). Kids are welcome and each group is supposed to bring a pot of chili and fixins, and a dessert. We'll let you know what time and give directions as the date approaches, but go ahead and mark your calendars. We should probably organize who wants to cook what. And of course the other question is what movie. Any suggestions?

(FYI -- You might remember our conversation from a week ago. Movie night is a good, in the middle option, to invite friends who aren't in a LG. By "in the middle," I mean, more intimate than Sunday morning but perhaps less terrifying than going to your first Life Group meeting -- Ha Ha)

PS -- If you're not up to posting, just click on the "comments" button and give us some feedback. Thanks guys! Y'all are the coolest!


Erik said...

I think I actually got my username and passwork to work. YES

angie said...

Sacred assembly starts at 7pm. The potluck meal startes at6pm. The movie night sounds great to me. I leave for the DR the next morning. I can make whatever. I vote for Facing the Giants. We love it!!! It is agreat movie for men and women. We own it too.

amesing said...

Hey guys! I tried to get some ideas posted earlier this week but couldn't log in for some reason. Anyway, I hope it works this time. Only our group can read the blog, right? Regardless here is a little rant. As long as members of our life group will be there, count us in for the movie. Otherwise no one will talk to us! You know it's true, lol! Ok sorry, here are some movie suggestions: Along Came Polly, 50 First Dates, Duplex, or either Meet the Parents movie. :o)