Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I feel like this picture

Can I say Oy Vay? It has been the day, and perhaps the last week or so from the hockey sticks word. Not only did I have to spend most of my fall break off doing work, but I had to spend it in a cold city during a weather change, which just made it colder. Not that I don't like Louisville, because I got to see how Louisville Slugger bats were made (which was cool, even though I despise baseball), but we were in meetings All stinking day--8-5! Meetings Suck!

A word of warning to you parents of still elementary students--savor the time. Preparing for a female 13 yr old sleepover is way too time-consuming for just one person. I don't think Jeremy will survive the estrogen spike...and it looks like Ty may escape to go camping. And now, they say its going to rain. ugh. Between this, school "surprise" observations, cat pee (another story), interstate wrecks, and soccer games, I'd like you can stick a fork in me. My only saving hope this week is that we will have a new (working?) dishwasher. Its sad that household appliances can make me happy.

Hopefully, I will survive. If you don't see me Sunday, assume the worst.

Wow, this sounds really negative~Sorry

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John Barber said...

I totally feel your pain. I got a new Bissell Spotbot (that's a cool little carpet cleaner) at work, and it was the highlight of my week.