Monday, December 10, 2007

All the Latest . . .

We had a great time at the Young Married X-mas party -- all five of us who were there that is.
We really missed everyone who couldn't make it and you guys missed the chance to see "Redneck Frosty." Hopefully we'll get some pictures from the party. Of course Jeremy hopes we burn those pictures!

Please pray for me and John as we'll be flying to AR tonight and coming back home late tomorrow night. Also, keep my Mom in mind as she's watching the kids for us!

Not sure if we're meeting on Sunday. Kim has offered to let us meet at her place. We'll probably spend some time wrapping presents for our Angel Tree family. (If you haven't turned in your donation, you can give a check to Kim next time we see her.) Kim, thanks for working so hard on this project.

We're looking forward to a great party on the 23rd, after 2nd service. Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert out to Inspiration Point and we'll have a BLAST! Don't forget to bring a $15 (or less) present for the person whose name you drew. BTW- thanks to Amanda for taking care of goody bags for the kids; just let us know how much we owe you.

I can't remember what we decided to do to say "Thanks" and "Merry Christmas" to our babysitters. Thoughts?

I guess that's everything for now. Have a good week everyone. See you soon!